Why Music… Music stimulates my mind and soothes my soul. It even stirs and unsettles me.

Author and Civil Rights Activist, Howard Thurman said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Making music, I come alive. This is the best thing I have to contribute to the beauty and healing of our world. My hope is that the community of people who experience our music will also be nourished, challenged, moved. I hope we’re encouraged to be the truest, most alive version of ourselves and inspired to contribute to the beauty and hearling of  our world in only the way that each of us can.         – Heatherlyn


Barn Concert Saturday June 27, 2015

3pm Matinee Concert at the Barn!
Prior Lake, MN near Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve 
New Songs and Stories from the Road
and an invitation to participate in the movements of the music.

Suggested Donation for Concert :: $5-25 as an expression of gratitude and value, according to your ability.
If you are able and inspired, consider giving more on behalf of friends present without the means.
No one will be turned away.

RSVP for concert here,  or email info [at] heatherlynmusic [dot] com for Barn address in Prior Lake MN.

Invitation to participate in the movement of the music…

For the past 6 months Heatherlyn and Jason have been offering their artistry and expertise as a gift, traveling across North America in their van in support of author Doug Pagitt’s book “Flipped”, connecting with Evangelical Christians who are seeking a more generous, compassionate and inclusive form of Christianity.

Watch Doug Pagitt on Fox News.

Heatherlyn and Jason are not directly paid for much of what they do and need the ongoing support of individuals, families and communities who’ve been challenge, soul-nourished and moved by the music. Keep the music-making happening! Keep the music moving down the road!

Would you participate financially in support of the movement of the music?  Your contribution would go toward van repairs and the 30,000 miles they are putting on the road this year, bringing an honest, hopeful presence around the country.