Why Music… Music stimulates my mind and soothes my soul. It even stirs and unsettles me.

Author and Civil Rights Activist, Howard Thurman said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Making music, I come alive. This is the best thing I have to contribute to the beauty and healing of our world. My hope is that the community of people who experience our music will also be nourished, challenged, moved. I hope we’re encouraged to be the truest, most alive version of ourselves and inspired to contribute to the beauty and hearling of  our world in only the way that each of us can.         – Heatherlyn

Our Hope for all Artists 

June 7th 2014 Blog Post
By Hope Larsen

By Hope Larsen

I ran into an acquaintance of mine this past week, someone I really like and am inspired by. Hope Larsen is an artist, brilliant with her photography and illustrations. She shared with me about an art show she was getting ready for and other projects she’s involved in. She spoke to me of what she envisioned accomplishing if she could focus on illustrating full time rather that working a full time job in addition to all the illustration projects and partnerships she’s excited about.

I simply said to her, “I want that for you”.

And I sure do. In fact, I realized within myself how truly, deeply I want that for her. I want soulful artists like her, who are devoted to practicing, cultivating and sharing their gifts to be able to live their soul-calling.

Soulful artists heal. They contribute to our health and vitality and the quality of our lives. They elevate humanity, often drawing us to realize our interconnectedness.

When artists like these have barriers to their work removed, when they are supported to live whole lives, it’s for the benefit of us all.