We're pioneering a way of being by how we do, what we do, and why.  People invite us or we invite ourselves and openly offer our artistry and expertise as a gift where it is most resonate, welcome and often overlooked within a market driven economy, this movement is made possible by the support of the Heatherlyn Music CSA Commission.

Our quest is to grow the Heatherlyn Music CSA Commission to 85 - 120 people financially supporting our vocational livelihood as we nourish, challenge and move people, places and purposes to come alive by openly offering our artistry and expertise as a gift where it is most resonate, welcome and often overlooked in a market driven economy.

The Heatherlyn Music CSA Commission is the "safety net" of Heatherlyn Music to take risks pioneering a way of being that allows us to be authentic, available and audacious. 

Our hope is that we're all encouraged to become our truest, most alive version of ourselves and inspired to contribute to the beauty and healing of our world in only the way each of us can. 

Ways to Support

Non-Tax Deductible Gift:

Mail Check to: Heatherlyn Music, Message us using the form below to receive our current mailing address. 

Online: Contribute online via PayPal.


Patreon: Become a Patron of Live Streaming Music and Meditation Experiences via FaceBook Live. Make a One Time or Monthly Pledge and support us in openly offering our artistry and expertise a gift within a market driven economy.


Tax Deductible Gift

Make check to: Bolder Options and write "Heatherlyn Music" in the memo section.

Mail to: Bolder Options, C/O Amy Harsch. 2100 Stevens Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404

Online: Contribute online via Bolder Options' website with either a one time or recurring gift.

Instructions for directing gifts to Heatherlyn Music CSA. In the "Dedication" field at the bottom of Bolder Options donate page indicate "Heatherlyn Music."

Please, let us know that your interested in being included in the 85 - 120 people financially supporting our work through an One Time or On Going Tax Deductible Charitable Gifts-In-Kind.

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