PRE-COMMITMENTS: We'd like a minimum of 10 people to commit to all four sessions with a pre-payment of $50 at $12.50 a session.

Please speak to me privately if there's a need for another financial agreement. Also, please let me know if you have interest in sponsoring another individual who would benefit from the series and the financial support.

Why we ask for Pre-Commitments

1) Those who initially make this commitment - It's you who make this happen! We need the minimum of 10 pre-committed to cover the basic costs, making this available to the whole community! THANK YOU!

2) It's a mutual commitment between you and I, as I set aside time to prepare and be present to teach and guide your practice.  Knowing you'll be there inspires me and my work and also informs my preparation as I sequence the class. :)

My commitment to you is about 5-6 hours per session in class preparation, travel and set up. (Jason, my partner with be helping with this too! YAY!) I can't say enough how much I'll appreciate knowing you'll be there.  We'll have a great time together.

Along with our time and presence supporting your practice, we're able to provide mats for up to 10 people in addition to props (blankets, blocks and straps) for up to 20 people.  This will allow for those curious about yoga to participate in introductory level sessions or workshops when purchasing their own yoga gear has created an uncertainty about trying and experiencing the benefits of yoga for themselves.

3) It's a commitment to yourself, perhaps most importantly, as you and I both know these commitments to our own health and wellbeing can be some of the most challenging to keep. ;-)

Committing your resources are a sign (and for many, a motivation) or your commitment to show up for yourself and to share your presence with all of us as well.  You'll be giving yourself (or at least really getting in touch with) the gift of life, breath, peace - gifts of yoga, which offer so much... I could write an entire essay on this... perhaps I will. :)

Questions/Thoughts? Message Heatherlyn.

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