Music and Conversation

March ‘19 :: Community Organizer Gabriel Padilha :: Denver, CO

Originally from Argentina, Gabriel Padilha immigrated to the USA in 2005, landing at the Miami International airport with $200 and a suitcase full of dreams. He got his Green Card and a few years later, became an American Citizen, which he claims to be, one of the most difficult tasks he’s accomplished in life.

Gabriel is currently a Community Event Organizer at the Colorado Department of Health, working in the HIV/STI/Viral Hepatitis division. His job at the Department of Health is to promote PrEP among the Latino, Black, and Transgender communities, through events he crafts and tailors according to the population. 

A self-taught photographer with a small photography business, he is very proud to have his photography published on the front cover of two books of poetry as well as many other photos published in different online magazines. 

In 2018, Padilha enrolled at the Community College of Aurora and is transferring next semester to Colorado University to pursue his degree in Nursing. 

Gabriel is a free spirited individual who lives his life to the fullest - sharing it with his partner and his partner’s 4 beautiful children.

Jan. ‘19 :: Singer Songwriter Ben Grace :: From Sydney, AU to Brooklyn, NY to The Rockies and Beyond :: Lyons, CO

October ‘18 :: Singer Songwriter Kate Farmer :: Boulder, CO

September ‘18 :: Box Girls International Ambassador and Film Maker Amanda Cruz :: Denver, CO

August ‘18 :: Box Girls International LIVE Event with Film Maker Amanda Cruz :: Denver, CO

July ‘18 :: Puala Stone Williams :: Lyons, CO

June '18 :: 9Beats Collective Artist Aaron Niequist :: Chicago, IL

May '18 :: A Peace of My Mind Author and Photojournalist John Noltner :: Denver, CO

: About John Noltner and A Peace of My Mind ::

John Noltner has been telling stories with words and images for twenty years for national magazines, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profit organizations. His work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Forbes Magazine, Midwest Living, and the New York Daily News, among other publications.

Throughout his career, Noltner has managed logistics for editorial and commercial clients, both nationally and internationally, having worked on three continents. Noltner carefully arranges details and builds relationships with his clients, using humor, understanding, and compassion to craft compelling and insightful stories.

Since 2009, Noltner has been asking people the simple (or not so simple) question, “What does peace mean to you?” for his multimedia arts project, A Peace of My Mind. He has driven 40,000 miles across the country, meeting with diverse subjects, photographing them, and recording their personal stories exploring the meaning of peace. He has included the voices of Holocaust survivors, the homeless, undocumented immigrants, convicted criminals, political refugees and others.

The series has been produced as two award-winning books and four exhibits. A Peace of My Mind has been presented at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, The Sojourners Summit for Change, Everyday Democracy, the Peace and Justice Studies Association, the Gandhi-King Conference on Nonviolence and the Dayton International Peace Museum. A Peace of My Mind represents Noltner’s belief that art and storytelling have the power to transform our hearts as well as our communities.

April '18 :: Kathy Wells :: Denver, CO

:: About Kathy Wells ::
Kathy Wells is not your conventional psychotherapist. Ever questing for more knowledge and a deeper connection with herself and those around her, Kathy has studied with masters and teachers across a vast expanse of disciplines, philosophies, and techniques. She integrates these myriad teachings and modalities with her own personal experience and perspective, and bestows the results on her clients and students, family and friends.

For more than 25 years, Kathy has worked as psychotherapist in private practice in Denver, Colorado. Kathy’s approach makes her clients dig deep to find and address the root cause of their issues and pain, rather than applying a quick-fix to the obvious symptoms. She doesn’t believe in being a victim of your own psychology, and has absolute faith in the notion that we can, each of us, learn to grow up and be healthy, functional, relational adults.

Kathy’s work is currently focused on Quantum Psychology; she teaches a practical and understandable method of using words and language to make subtle energetic patterns tangible and malleable. Her work with couples and individuals helps each person recognize, own, and break their destructive patterns and behaviors in favor of a more grounded, happy and meaningful life experience.

Kathy has a unique ability to normalize our crazy behaviors and belief sets so we can step up and really change them, once and for all.

March '18 :: Iman Joheh :: Meet The Middle East

December '17 :: Rabbi Brian Field :: Judaism Your Way

November '17 :: Theresa Peterson :: Singer Songwriter, Boulder, CO

October '17 :: Mark Tidd, Denver, CO :: Growing up in Boulder, CO

September '17 :: Matt Valler, Truro Cornwall, England

August '17 :: Benjamin Grace, Manhattan, NY :: Ben Grace Music

July '17 :: Robbie Goldman, Denver, CO :: Dry Bones Denver

June '17 :: Erin, Rapid City, SD :: Intentional Living Community

April '17 :: Victoria Lin, Minneapolis, MN :: Adoption and Poetry

March '17 :: Peter Rollins, Los Angeles, CA :: 'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland

February '17 :: Stasi McAteer, Ocean Beach, CA :: Hyper Local Gift Economy

January '17 :: Kari Davis, Minneapolis, MN :: Honoring The Legacy of MLK