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Aug. ‘19 :: Activists, Artist, Social Entrepreneur :: Jonathon Stalls :: Denver, CO

Jonathon spent 242 days walking across the United States in 2010 and has continued to walk alongside thousands of people for thousands of miles. He is an artist, social entrepreneur, advocate for social, economic and racial justice, LGBTQIA+, Creator of Intrinsic Paths, and Founder of Walk2Connect.

Jonathon recently finished his studies at the Living School for Action and Contemplation and has committed much of his life to inspire connection-focused walking culture to help people deepen and heal relationship to one another, to the natural world, and to oneself.

Storydwelling is our ethos - cultivating a courageous, compassionate curiosity for ourselves and one another. We believe there is great value in the practice and posture of deep listening and paying attention to the narratives we inhabit and those that inhabit us and shape us.

Each LIVE cast is a little different but with the same heart for interconnection and healing - individually and collectively and for embodying One Love. 

In all our work we rely heavily on the generosity and kindness of those who love, value, and believe in the artistry and expertise we openly offer as *gifts* in a market driven economy.

We welcome your support and patronage of our work as we don’t seek corporate sponsors to fund our time and creative energies. 


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