We're pioneering a way of being by how we do, what we do, and why.

It's simple, you Invite us or we Invite ourselves and we openly offer our artistry and expertise as a gift where it is most resonate, welcome and often overlooked within a market driven economy. 

We trust the recipients of our gifts will respond in a way of “gratitude” they believe is appropriate to their/our financial circumstances and we will all feel whole and valued in our relationship. 

Because we're openly offering our artistry and expertise as a gift, the financial payment happens through a mechanism of gratitude rather than compulsion. 

Still wondering about a "booking rate:" We have none. We openly offer our artistry and expertise as a gift within a market driven economy.

Listen to this short podcast produced by the Sandbox Cooperative while sipping your favorite beverage or while driving to learn more about our philosophy and participation in the Gift Economy.

In cases where the music is truly welcomed and the movement that we hope for with it is supported and facilitated within an event or gathering of people, we know that, in our situation and the current climate of things, that to decline those invitations would be to deny the gifts and calling within us. It would be to waste our resources and allow our gifts of artistry and expertise to sit dormant.

There are many situations where the nature and message of Heatherlyn Music is SO very purposeful and resonant within a context and the people haven’t had the forethought to budget or they genuinely don’t have the resources available to them to monetarily compensate in an amount comparable to a living wage.

This is part of why we have chosen to approach booking very differently and simultaneously seeking to build a supportive community around the creative process and movement of the music.

Our hope is that the people who experience our artistry and expertise will be nourished, challenged and moved to be the truest, most alive version of themselves and inspired to contribute to the beauty and healing of our world in only the way that each of us can.  

This is made possible by the Heatherlyn Music CSA Commission and we're encouraged by those who have said "YES!" to commissioning us to continue doing what makes us come alive: making music and sharing.  This is the best thing we have to contribute to the beauty and healing of our world.

Many have viewed and appreciated how we are choosing to respond to invitations to serve and share our gifts. The Heatherlyn Music CSA Commission goes hand-in-hand with that to make it possible and to sustain us in this work.

Music Engagements – Heatherlyn is able to tailor her original song selection and messaging for your group’s interests and needs. Typical concert length whether it's a house concert or captive listening room experience is 45 to 60min and up to 90min with an intermission.

Heatherlyn also leads original and spiritual music for group participation within Spiritual Gatherings, she shares and leads songs interwoven within multi-day conference events and provides music within ceremonies, i.e. weddings, celebration of life gatherings.

Travel and Accommodations – We'll mutually work together to make arrangements that are best for the nature of your invitation.

Honorarium – While we accept conventional arrangements for conferences and engagements that have budgeted a presenter fee, we do not indicate an honorarium or gift amount within a “Good Faith” letter of intent unless a band or additional musician is requested.  We negotiate a rate with our musicians and include that in the total costs.


Send Heatherlyn a message and share with us what your thinking and Jason will follow up to continue the conversation.  

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Heatherlyn Music CSA Commission