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FBLive Stream, Music and Conversation with Robbie Goldman, Dry Bones Denver

Robbie Goldman works with unhoused youth through an organization called Dry Bones Denver. He recently shared with me that he's created a curriculum for homeless youth around the country based off a few lyrics from my song Ever - those lyrics that have been found to be most menaingful to many of us : 

"Choose courageously. Hope Defiantly. Love Outrageously. and Walk on Lightly in Humility... " 

Though, for the curriculum, Robbie, changed the word "Humility" to "Humanity"... and I LOVE that!

I'm so excited to ask him about that and to hear more about how the curriculum is being used in their programs. I'm especially curious and excited to hear some of what these young poeple are sharing from their stories when they're reflecting and writing about what it means to choose courageously, to hope definatly, to love outrageously... 

I can only imagine their thoughts and the wisdom they convey will be truly inspiring and deeply moving and maybe even, challenging in the best of ways. 

As with all our Music & Conversation [STORYDWELLING] LIVE Streams, I'll interweave song related to our topic.

Please get this on your calendars and plan to join us on Facebook LIVE. Invite anyone whom you think might enjoy this!!

Tuesday, July 11
6 PM Pacific - 7 PM Mountain - 8 PM Central - 9 PM Eastern