Elements Series

Part mini-workshop. Part meditation in motion. 75-90 minute session. For regular practitioners and those with no experience at all.  For the inflexible and flexible.

WEEK 1,  :: Air - working with the breath

WEEK 2,  :: Earth - grounding and foundation

WEEK 3,  :: Water - flow, calm

WEEK 4,  :: Fire - building heat

In this series, you'll get to understand how parts of your body relate and interact with each other in many elemental yoga poses that are regularly found in yoga sequences.  We'll break down these poses to understand more of how they work, what purpose they serve and how to get the most out of them.

Whether you've been practicing yoga for a while or have no experience at all, this series will give you:

1) a foundational understanding for stability and safety

2) awareness and connection to your body and

3) help you to get the most out of your yoga videos at home or other studio and gym yoga classes where time is rarely afforded for more in-depth exploration.

Besides the mini-workshop aspect within each session, we'll also do a lot of repetition, connecting small series of movements with breath to experience the meditative quality and rhythm in our practice together. The repetition will:

1) allow you to move with your breath

2) connect deeper to how the movements feel in your body and

3) enable you to remember and recall small sequences for anytime and anywhere you might need a little energy boost or need to relax and ease stress - integrating your yoga into all of life.

Each session will close with relaxation.

 Wear comfortable clothing to allow for your full range of motion and ease of movement

- Bring a yoga mat if you have one. We have props for up to 20 people (blankets, blocks and straps) and up to 10 yoga mats if you need to use one during class.

- Come a little early to take off your shoes and get settled in the space.


Questions/Thoughts? Message Heatherlyn.

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