Mini Couch Concert

June '17 :: Father's Day ::

April '17 :: Earth Day Mini Couch Concert ::

March '17 ::

1. Let it Be - Beatles
2. Blessed to be a Witness - Ben Harper
3. Feed the Body, Free the Soul - Heatherlyn Music for Bread for the Worldand 1,000 Days
4. Even in the Bad - Heatherlyn
5. Give in to the Love - a little acoustic preview of the 9BEATS Collective Album (lyrics by Steve Basset, Music by yours truly)
6. Ever - my song that inspired our new T-shirts on Etsy!

"Choose Courageously. Hope Defiantly. Love Outrageously."
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February '17 :: Love and Longing :: 

First Set

Second Set

January '17 :: 'Tis The Season 

December '16

First Set

Second Set