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on the other side :: a new song birthed in L.A.

We're in LA this week and staying with a couple of different friends. Saturday night, I felt moved by a lyric idea I found jotted in the notes app on my phone. Our host was out for the evening and I took full advantage of the space provided for us. :)

This is a brand new baby song and a really rough recording of it. I posted last night about having the chance to share this song for the first time with an audience and how one woman responded afterward that it deeply moved her as she'd recently come through a very painful journey. This is "why music" for me. Can't ever fully know how a song will be received though I'm always hoping my music might help get someone present to their life, an inner truth, inner voice, dreams, desires, and reach below to surface to draw up the stuff that needs attending to.

After I made that post on Facebook a number of people from all over the country said they'd love to hear it. So, I made this today for you all. :) For now, I'm intentionally letting the song be as it came, which is not at all in a standard song form. But I really like the different parts, how the song moves as a whole and how each part works together, each connected by and anchoring back to the very solid hook.

Hope you enjoy the song and being part of my creative process. Thanks for being curious and encouraging this work.

Much love,



Why the Life and Death of Tamir Rice Matters to Me

tamirriceI posted these words on my Facebook wall this morning after reading several articles and related posts on the non-indictment of a police officer using lethal force upon an unarmed 12 year old Tamir Rice. After some response to the post, it seemed like it might be helpful to put those words here. I'll link up more articles below. After Jason and I traveled over 35,000 miles across this country and beyond this year, I realized we have about 5 different countries in one, with a variety of climates and cultures... If I only relied on my own perspective, I'd be at a great loss, so I listen and I seek to see beyond my own experiences and beyond my own story and beyond my own heritage.

I don't extensively post about these things very often because my Facebook feed tends to be an echo chamber and I'm not sure it does much good if I'm just "preaching to the choir" and I don't have energy to argue on social media when there's usually far more nuance to all the predicaments we face as a country and as a humanity. I also won't argue here. I simply need to share my truth today for those who'll hear it.

I'm torn up about this and I see reasonable people whom I dearly love not seeing what the problem is here. I ask consideration as I share these thoughts with much love and heartache, for those with ears to hear...

You must know it's exactly *because I have respect for police officers and law enforcement that I believe they're capable of being held to higher standards of integrity, skill and care, and they absolutely must be.

For those who think ‪#‎TamirRice‬ would still be alive if he'd shown more respect to the officers, I ask you I ask you to think of a 12 year old boy you know.... and to consider how scared Tamir probably was as a black boy in this society with it's history of racism that's deeply seeded here. And I ask you to consider why the police officer, a grown man, trained in this work wouldn't be held accountable to a higher standard of level headedness and skill.

Even if you think the officer was justified in shooting, there's no way a lethal shot in the stomach, leaving him to die for 4 minutes and holding off his sister to keep her from comforting him as he suffered and died...this is unconscionable, inhumane, unjustifiable.

I do believe there are many police officers demonstrating far more humane and caring approaches to serving their communities and I've recently posted a couple of great stories about that. Investigators into these cases of inappropriate use of deadly force have to stop giving their *peers* (read bias) a pass. Maintaining the system's status quo is causing unnecessary, unspeakable, and unacceptable tragedy in people's lives. This even happening once is too many times, but it's happening over and over and over again.

If you recall when Dylann Roof shot out a black church in Charleston. He *was armed. He gave far more cause for alarm and fear and yet he was carefully taken into custody. He was also white.

Racism is unconscious for so many of us good white people. It's far too easy to come up with an argument that allows us to believe we're not implicit in the systemic racism that's killing our black brothers and sisters and children without accountability. Even though there's much that may not be directly "my fault", I still must take responsibility.

We must take responsibility for one another. We are one humanity. When our brothers and sisters of any color are suffering, we suffer too... and I could go on and on about the ways I see this as truth.

‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ and yes, of course all lives matter, but if and only when black lives matter too and when muslim lives matter and when immigrant lives matter...

Tamir Rice, I'm so sorry this happened to you. Rest in Love, beautiful child of God.

Calling for One Love and Equal Justice, Heatherlyn

READ MORE ON THIS STORY in these hyperlinks:

Why white people see black boys like Tamir Rice as older, bigger and guiltier than they really are

New York Time story: Cleveland Officer Will Not Face Charges in Tamir Rice Shooting Death

Tamir Rice and the value of Life

ACT :: Endorse Faith Letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Tamir Rice

(It Is Possible :: Use of deadly force by police disappears on Richmond streets)



Put On Your Climbing Shoes

We Have a Dream

Be the Love


Offering Ourselves to the Unknown... thrilling or terrifying?

IMG_4377Jason and I don't get a high off the risks we take in life. (You might have heard about the most recent one ;) of accepting an invitation to share the music in Australia; how we purchased one way tickets and are still raising funds for flights home.) No, it's not in our makeup or personalities to thrive on adrenaline rushes or some other weird payoff of risk and uncertainty. We've rather had great amounts of stress and anxiety over the past several years of offering ourselves to the unknown, living into our dreams, answering this undeniable, irresistible inner urge, perhaps a soul calling, to find and create new ways of sharing our gifts of artistry and expertise.

This isn't because we're so brilliant or good, it's because much about the systems and structures already set up around music and musicians hasn't worked for this traveling singer/song-writer/vocalist/performer nor for the nature of the songs I write and especially not for the two of us as a team. We've had to bushwhack and experiment, lose and fail. It's been awful at times. We've been more than disappointed and even despaired beyond description at times and we've had to try to find ways to lift ourselves out of depths of depression. More often than not, it was likely supportive friends who did the lifting. ;)

But sometimes, when we follow that deep, inner sense of knowing, we know it must look crazy to everyone else but we still somehow believe we must trust it, allow ourselves to be moved by it; and we end up being amazed and humbled by people in our lives who feel drawn to participate in this and co-create with us.

I was amazed and humbled today by a most delightful phone conversation with our new friend in Australia who has prepared so much beauty for our visit - from the people who'll be hosting us, the spaces and places where we'll get to share the music; and what she's planned for us to see of Oz (like snuggling with a koala and practicing yoga on the beach). I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and can't believe we leave in 6 days!!

So, offering ourselves to the unknown? It's both terrifying and thrilling.

What unknowns are you hesitating to offer yourself to?

We're being sent to Australia... will you help bring us back home?

Bella friended me on Facebook. I’m not really sure why. I should ask her :) but I imagine it was simply due to mutual friends and shared networks. She saw this meme of mine with that lyrics from the song Ever:

May we chose courageously. May we hope defiantly. May we love outrageously. And walk on lightly in humility.

It resonated with her and she messaged me. We began to chat and then one day, she asked: “Where are you again?” I think we’d slept that night in the van at a rest stop somewhere in Illinois, so I told her that’s where I was!

imageShe said something like: “Oh, that’s too bad. I’m planning this festival in New Castle, New South Wales, Australia and your presence and your music would be so great for it.” She then introduced me to the work of Joel McKerrow, an Australia poet and activist who’d also be a part of the festival.

I replied that we should keep talking and not allow location to be a limitation. I could tell as the conversation progressed that they wouldn’t have the funds to fly us both over, so I shared that we have a community of people who support us in openly offering our artistry and expertise where the music is most welcomed, purposeful, resonate and in places often overlooked.

As many of you know, Jason and I believe in the expansive and transformative nature of Love. The heights, depths and breadth of Love calls us to go to the ends of the earth and abundantly share of the gifts we’ve been given as this is the best way for us to show Love in our world and hopefully contribute to the beauty and healing of it, participating within and on behalf of community and our shared human interconnectedness.

I asked our new friends in New Castle if they’d be able to host us, help with travel and meals when we get there and set up a few more gigs and help us connect into community, building relationships for the next time and I said, perhaps we could work together on the costs of getting across the ocean.

They have been wonderful to work with on all these details. They sent a wonderfully thoughtful and thorough proposal and made sure we would want to contribute to the opportunities they were providing. They're also doing great work to introduce us to new people and expand our networks in Australia. I've also done some of my own work around that, asking American friends to introduce me via email to friends there. I can hardly believe how many new friends from all over Australia now!

Along the way, some folks launching a new podcast, called Beyondering, based in Melbourne, Australia heard we were coming. They spent time on and reached out to see if the music could be a part of their podcast since there was so much resonance in language and ethos. Their email was moving to me and I responded with a hearty “yes!”

I then learned it just so happened the main event for which Bella initially extended the invitation is based on the work of a good friend, who is also an author, philosopher and speaker: Peter Rollins, whose work has brought encouragement to our journey and for whom we have a great deal of love and respect. So great.

The event is called Dangerous Conversations: highlighting things of life, faith and human connection that people are often afraid to talk about. It will be a series of public meetings, designed to disrupt and challenge, but also create interpersonal connections – even community – that lasts beyond the event, through shared meals, talks, poetry, music, and interactive dialog.

Besides this event, they’ve lined up for us other opportunities including…

Adamstown Arts, a community that cares about justice, creativity and arts. Could that be more perfect for us? ;) (We'll be here on our 12th wedding anniversary, NOV 1st!!)

The Lounge Room, that cares about creating space for artists and community as we do. We’re so excited to team up with them!!

We hope for another stop in Sydney, a house concert in the Blue Mountains and perhaps taking part in music and yoga on the beach.

Before committing to going, we were sharing the possibility with some friends and one of them said: “You should do this. We can get you to Australia.” Indeed, their gift is getting us to Australia. With it, we have purchased one-way tickets there, leaving The States on Monday, October 26th!!

So now, we are inviting all who may be so moved, to participate with us by financially contributing to the costs of being away and of our flights back home. Help get us back to the U.S.!

Living Joy has generously offered to be our fiscal sponsor for this trip (as we are in transition for setting up our own non-profit). If you'd like to contribute to us through them, you may do so in a couple ways:

  1. ONLINE GIVING Click the "give online..." button the page and you'll see a line designated to us and this trip.

2. SEND a CHECK made payable to Living Joy, memo designation "Heatherlyn Music - Australia" to PO Box 70, Prior Lake, MN 55372

A HUGE thank you to the community of Living Joy and to all of you who are nourished, challenged and moved by the music in such a way that you desire to extend it forward into others lives. Thanks for the many ways you all encourage and participate and support us in this work and all the risk it entails.

Much love, light and blessing to you all.

Heatherlyn & Jason

Twin Cities Kirtan & Conscious Music Fest

11222519_945452735512050_7373422536770320941_n Ever since beginning my yoga practice and even more since beginning to explore teaching yoga, I've looked for opportunities to bring together my two passions and loves. I continue to hope for the chance to join in with the many Kirtan and conscious musicians at the various yoga festivals across the country.

Kirtan is often played and sung within the yogic tradition of Bhakti or devotional yoga, the yoga of love. Kirtan is mantra music and they've expanded the fest this year to included conscious music from various genres and musicians such as yours truly.

Keith heard my music a while ago at a Sample Night LIVE event at the History Theatre in St. Paul, MN. He sent an encouraging email and shared about his band and bass playing. We met for coffee about a year and a half ago and I picked his brain about Kirtan music. We've hoped for a chance to collaborate for a long time!

So I was thrilled when he invited me and Jason to be apart of this years Twin Cities Kirtan & Conscious Music Fest in Minneapolis, MN!!

Finally, Saturday, October 17th, we'll be teaming up!

CLICK HERE for the Facebook event and further details! Hope to see some of you there!

Concert of Suicide Prevention Awareness and Action

IMG_6878 We are amazed by the beauty and goodness we see manifest through soulful, quality individuals who organize and come together to be a joint presence of hope and healing for the greater community.

This was a beautiful concert of awareness, creative movement and action and vital resourcing for suicide prevention.

We're grateful to have been a part through the music and to have partnered with Suicide Prevention Task Force of St. Croix County, Wisconsin, Messes & Masterpieces, and Vine Church for this event.

Shine on.

One Love, Heatherlyn

House Concert Recordings :: Morgantown, Kentucky, USA

image Morgantown is a small town in a dry county of rural Kentucky. It wouldn't likely be considered a common tour stop for your average musician, but when you have friends there, as we do, it's one of the best detours off the main road you could possibly take. :)

Part of the mantra Jason and I live out of is to be sure to bring the music to places "often overlooked". This could mean anywhere outside of the regular music scene. For us, it's often included obscure locations, under resourced groups, even company offices. We go wherever the music is most welcomed, resonant and purposeful and those are exactly the places where the people have and share with us an abundance of receptivity, hospitality and appreciation.

We so enjoyed our stay with you all in Morgantown and we were so delighted to be able to capture some terrific audio of the house concert! Here are some of our favorite unedited tracks.

I love these LIVE recordings because you hear the natural responses and presence of those at the show. You might here a chair move, a camera click, whispered conversation in the background, a baby cooing or fussing…plus, my live performances are usually better than studio stuff. :) ENJOY and feel free to share abundantly!!

Backyard Concert


We so enjoyed our time with Jay and Amy, sharing song in their home with their family, friends and neighbors and even a few of our own fan-friends. Jason transformed the backyard into a concert theater with sound and lights and it was a lovely production in collaboration with nature. People gathered with their blankets and lawn chairs, arms around their loved ones. Some of course, preferred "balcony seating" as we called it, on the deck. ;) Being so warmly received by everyone, this is an experience I will long remember.


A picnic BBQ nourished the body and then some LIVE music to nourish heart and mind. Children played and birds sang along too. We openly offer our artistry and expertise as a gift and in the spirit of gift economy, Jay and Amy showed us lots of love, gratitude and value. We left feeling mutually inspired and cared for, thinking to ourselves: "This works!" :) See more about the idea of sacred economic and how we practice gift economy HERE.

Our motto is "Have Music. Will Travel." and we mean it. These experiences are so enriching and fun and rewarding as we see human connection happening, community building and people touched and moved and inspired. We hope and plan to keep bringing song and spirit into people's homes, lives and even their backyards.


Resting from Sitting

"Rest stops" for us are a chance to move and counter the impact of sitting long hours on the road. We stopped near York, NE for a few minutes of playful cardio and just about 4 or 5 yoga poses. You take what you can get! smile emoticon I desire wholeness and health on the rugged road this year... ‪ Follow hashtags #‎HLmusiconthemove‬ ‪#‎yogawithheatherlyn‬ on your social media platforms of choice. :)


Inaugural Trip of 2015

Today, Jason and I have begun a journey of an anticipated 25,000+ miles in 2015. And that just brings us to AUG!! We're getting back in the traveling groove. Here's Jason prepping our new addition for winter travels. And tonight's dinner on the road includes hummus and veggies that got a little icy in the cooler. And there's the unfiltered beauty of the inaugural sunset of this years adventure of "going", taking the movement of the music down the road and all across the country.‪Follow hashtag #‎HLmusiconthemove‬ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


10 Years Sober Celebration :: Barn Concert [duo project]

A family and an entire community celebrates one man's 10 Years Sober Anniversary. It changes you to be connected to the humble, vulnerable transformation of another human. What an unspeakable honor to celebrate these friends gathered by one family out of gratitude for sharing in this journey - for surrounding them through the rough and tumble to triumphs great and small - together making possible one man's 10 Year Sober Anniversary.

He lives a life full of gratitude and carries an open and gracious presence. He got teary eyed, when he thanked everyone for coming and simply said: "I didn't do this alone."

He wanted to share our music with those who've shared in his journey. He wasn't sure how they'd like it since they've come from all walks of life but we were so warmly received and everyone seemed to "get" how the themes of the songs lifted up the interweaving stories of all present. These folks know what it means to "Be the Love", to navigate the "Rearrange" and to live as "One Heart".

It was remarkable to sing our songs within the context of this story. They, once again, took on new depth and dimensions of meaning. So grateful to be apart of this celebration and a small part of the journey.

[smugmug url="" title="Barn%20Concert%2010%20Years%20Sober%20Celebration" imagecount="100" start="1" num="8" thumbsize="Th" link="lightbox" captions="false" sort="false" window="true" smugmug="true" size="M"]

Celebrating Life with Juliana

IMG_3784Juliana has been our friend since she was about 3 or 4 years old. We hadn't seen her and her family for a while, but they were in touch this summer a few months following the end of Juliana's chemotherapy treatment. They were planning a Celebration of Life with Juliana and wanted us to be a part of it. IMG_2638Juliana's dad said that when they were talking about what she'd like, we came up! Her most vivid memory (and I guess, favorite) of our time together in her even younger years is of her and I playing a clapping game - you know, one of those rhythmic, chimey,, often rhymey, sometimes partially melodic songs that you chant while clapping your hands together in a specific sequence and rhythm. Ours was about Miss Suzy's baby tiny Tim who she put in the bathtub to see if he could swim. He drank up all the water, ate up all the soap and swallowed half the bathtub... and then the nurse and the doctor and even the lady with the alligator purse got involved. Haha. Good times:)

Celebrating Life with this vibrantly spirited, playful, sweet and brave young girl has got to be one of the best, most honoring and delightful gigs of my life. And... it couldn't have been more beautiful! It was a full on festive, summery celebration on a hops farm! We were expecting (and prepared for) thunder storms all week that but it ended up being an exquisite summer evening.[smugmug url="" title="Celebrating%20Life%20with%20Juliana" imagecount="100" start="1" num="5" thumbsize="Th" link="lightbox" captions="false" sort="false" window="true" smugmug="true" size="M"]

A friend of the family spent hours grilling up ribs. There were four different brews from Goat Ridge Brewing Company, local to the area. We got to sample those and enjoy corn-on-the-cob and summery melon and share in this meal with many of the wonderful family and friends who've journeyed with Juliana.

I played a set of songs before and after dinner. Singing songs about the one heart we all share, about being love "a neighbor's burden raise" and about how we give hope and love to each, trusting the light will find us all along the way - singing all these things in this context, knowing something of the story of this family - a profound example of how alive music is. The songs take on new meaning every time I sing them, and the meaning of them here, as a soundtrack to this narrative - well, it was deeply resonant.

After packing up the tent, the equipment and instruments, Juliana and I made sure we got a picture together and then we played clapping games with her cousins, sure to reprise "Miss Suzy had a baby...". After several of her sweet hugs and expressing her hope that we'd come again soon, I assured her we would and I'll never forget her parting words that I found incredibly inspiring: "Good, 'cause I gotta go play now."




Backyard Concert on the North Shore

IMG_2449 Shared values of artistry and community made the Art House Bed & Breakfast a wonderful partner in the movement of the music. We're so grateful to Rose and Jay for inviting us to team up on sharing within the Grand Marais community, inviting all to take part in these good and beautiful gifts of life. When I asked Rose about their "Why", the heart, purpose and intention for their concert series, she offered these beautiful thoughts:

We want LIFE to be a creative experience-- from gardening, to baking scones for breakfast. Extending that out to backyard concerts feels really natural. It continues the sense of ease and abundance....

We're really thrilled to find that when we share the things we love (good food, Lake Superior, great music) that others want to join in. It creates this beautiful sense of community and richness.

We're not a really financially well-off county; lots of people work multiple jobs and don't have benefits; but we are really rich in the wild landscape and in art. So, Jay and I just want to support that, be a part of it, and help it to grow.

Music can be an incredible nexus, bringing awareness to existing interconnection we might not have noticed before. The designation of time and space for a concert of songs and stories surely did that in a potent way in Grand Marais this week. Jason, Ben and I enjoyed all the marvelous intersections of lives and collisions of worlds (some expected and some quite surprising) that occurred within our bit of time up on the North Shore.

Will, from WTIP, the local radio station, who interviewed us the week before, came to enjoy the music. A local lady told me she heard about it from another women who practices yoga with me in Minneapolis. The "small world" sensation was over the top that night. Not only did we happen to be in the same place at the same time as some mutual friends of ours from the Cities, we also got to meet some of Ben's family and he got to meet some long-time friends of ours.

Maria Nickolay (bottom right in above collage) opened for us and she and I had a marvelous conversation following the concert about the path of music and living into dreams with a defiant hope even when the road is not so dreamy.

All in all, it was a great time of community and meaningful connection. The backyard was full and the stage couldn't have been more beautiful with Lake Superior as our backdrop. Check out more photos on Facebook. They're beautiful!

Copy and paste this link to access the photo album on facebook even if you don't have a facebook account. :) ENJOY!



Duo Project Destination :: Indiana [First Road Trip!]

IMG_2347We set off early Thursday morning to make a day of traveling from Minneapolis to Fort Wayne. It's the first extended road trip of the duo project! Ben Johnson, our dear friend and one of the finest singer/song-writers I know, is the first to join Jason and I on a trip this far away from home and we couldn't have found a better comrade for the journey. There was a whole lot of storytelling and laughter along the way - so much laughter, in fact, that I must've pulled an intercostal muscle and my side is still "in stitches"! There was also a lot of quiet and naps along the way. With three definite introverts all together in this small space, we naturally ebbed and flowed between conversation and quiet and that was really nice.

We're so grateful to Heatherlyn Music C.S.A. Participants who helped make this trip possible by funding van repairs that were critical to making this a safe drive. You contributed not only to our safety, but also our peace of mind. The lighthearted nature of our travels are partly due to your generosity to advance the movement of the music. THANK YOU!

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death. ~ Robert Fulghum

Jason and I were at the first Lion & Lamb Festival last year. We were grateful to hear from the organizers that they invited us again as friends and partners in building community.

We could tell by the dry ground that there's want for rain in the region but the park was beautiful. There was one magical moment after another as the evening unfolded. The sun began to set as we began to play our songs and the colors of the sky reflected on the water just behind us as we sang that sweet lullaby Rosebud. (Listen to the duo perform Rosebud here.) A flock of wild geese flew overhead and it sure was unforgettable to play beneath that extraordinary nearly completely full super moon! MORE PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK!

We so enjoyed sharing in the beauty of nature, human connection and that great hope and possibility that resides deeply within each of us, is realized through our coming together and is yet bigger and beyond all of us.

Jason and I are deeply grateful for the friendship and partnership with Ben, for all the fun and his life-giving presence and voice and the partnership in this journey. We joked that this trip could make or break us and if it did anything, it certainly made us. We're also grateful for our friends who make the Lion & Lamb Festival happen and that they invited us to be a part of it!

Here's to many more such occasions!





The Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts {Duo Concert} - Menomonie, WI

IMG_2207 IMG_2210










We so enjoyed the welcoming and very engaged audience at Cafe Mabel, Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts, Menomonie, WI. Seems worthwhile to let them share how the night went. :)

Here's some of the kind and generous feedback that we received from them:

"Warm, sweet, organic, natural, strong in heart and body,

Brilliant story-telling through song that connects humanity.

Entrancing! Gets to the heart of the matter - inspires self, world, and spiritual reflection.

Creates harmony even in topics of dissension – reminding us that we are all connected."

"They play together well with both solos and duets. They have a unique blend [musically] and a blend of male and female energy giving consistent support whether singing solo or together. Neither one stepped back as submissive to the other. They were in it together."

 Both have a lively yet humble energy, able to create a grounded and relaxed space. No power plays."

"Their blend of energies allowed relaxation and a deeper sense of being “home”.

It was like sitting in a cozy cabin space by a fireplace, among a truly warm and appreciative audience who was along for the ride of gratitude which they had for the warmth generated in their hearts by the performance

-bringing strangers together as if we were all “home.”

ALL WE CAN SAY IN RESPONSE is a heartfelt THANKS!! We had a great time too and we'll see you down the road!

Peace and One Love.

MORE from the Duo Project :: The Collaboration of Ben Johnson & Heatherlyn

Yoga with Heatherlyn :: The 30 Day Journey of Walking and Yoga is over - Now What?

I'd like to do this every year, but I'd make a couple changes.

It worked well for me to make consistency and intentionality primary rather than make myself practice and walk a certain amount of time each day. But when I do this again, I think I'll at least aim for a minimum of 20 minutes each of yoga and walking on days when my body needs a lighter practice or on days with a tighter schedule. The initial intentions mentioned above and the desire to simply be on an inward and outward exploration of mindfulness and movement - all that remains. So designating an ideal amount of time would simply be a guide for the choices I'd make each day.

Day 16 I "naturally" took a rest day. I felt pretty lame about it, but it reignited my determination to focus back in and change things up for the remainder of the journey! It was half way through and I think another time around, it might be smart to add in a day of rest - or a day to intentionally reset and refocus. So maybe it'll be a 30 Day Journey that will actually run over the course of 31 days. I'm not sure yet. We'll see.

Practice Practicing Practically

I'll keep practicing yoga and walking (or some sort of other movement) on a mostly-daily and definitely-regular basis.

The 30 Days gave me further motivation to take more intentional time practicing poses that really challenge me. These are the poses that require me to face my fears and that help me get to know myself better. They require growing in strength and balance over time. I'll need to keep practicing to build that strength and build that strength to practicing those poses. I'm excited to keep working on those!

I'll be teaching at least weekly at Yoga Sanctuary in Minneapolis for the next several weeks. If you're in the Minneapolis area, check the calendar for the times and dates I'll be teaching there.

Bringing 'Yoga with Heatherlyn' around town and around the country!IMG_0884

In the fall, Heatherlyn Music [Yoga with Heatherlyn] will be providing personal and group sessions and workshops and we'll be mobile!

Check out what a Heatherlyn Music C.S.A. participant contributed so that we can share the git of yoga with others! We're so grateful! We are now equipped to bring yoga to you and yours on the road along with the music!

I'm currently in conversation with a lady who plans to host beginner's yoga for couples and yoga for her girlfriends in her family barn! I'm so looking forward to bringing these gifts to share with others in places where a holistic approach to yoga isn't readily available and to people who'd prefer to practice with others with whom they already share life and community rather than an unfamiliar class setting. It's pretty neat! I look forward to watching this all unfold and actively participating in it!

I will probably do the 30 Day Journey of Walking and Yoga again. Maybe once a year. Maybe more. We'll see. If you have any interest in engaging this journey, let me know! I'd be very open to conversation about what it could look like for an online community to share in the journey together. Maybe we all post photos from our walks - those who want to, of course. Maybe there are other resources, guidance and inspiration I could provide. I'd love to hear any thoughts you might have about this - if you have any!

Thanks again to all who are apart of this journey and thanks for allowing me to share about something that is so very life-giving and purposeful to me!

Peace and One Love,






Go Miles Fund :: Help Us Get the Van Back on the Road

IMG_7669The last time we were on the road, we were on our way to Denver, CO. I was asked to present song at a conference there and we had lined up a couple more gigs afterward in Lyons, Boulder and Colorado Springs, along with some "networking" in Fort Collins. Quite unexpectedly, along the way, one of the most tangible experiences of community that Jason and I have ever had - happened. We heard some funky sounds coming from the van and had to stop at a service station in Iowa. It was freezing cold out and we had no idea how we'd be able to pay off the costs of repairs, but they were vital to getting down the road safely.

I made an open call out to folks on Facebook. I wasn't sure how people would receive it. The response was overwhelming and I'm choking up even recalling it now. Messages and PayPal transactions happened that afternoon and into the next day. Our Community helped us cover repairs and further covered milage that we trusted would somehow get covered on the trip, but we weren't sure HOW that would happened. And it happened through you!

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 6.34.58 PM

Once in a while, someone will mention how this road we travel - this life journey and full-life vocation - takes courage. This was a time that felt like we had to "trust fall" back into the arms of Community - the support of family, friends and fans. And you all came through and caught us! We'll never forget and we'll always be so grateful.

Now, we are asking again.

We are calling on our community to help us get back on the road - to keep the Movement of the Music rolling steadily onward - sharing life-giving presence, a hopeful response, beautiful songs with others. Here's what we think of when we say "movement of the music".

We have a trip to Indiana August 9-11 and the van needs work done on it to ensure safe travel.

As you are inspired, moved and able - would you be part of this movement? Your generosity and kindness are deeply appreciated.

The work that needs to be done includes parts and labor for breaks, rotors, and routine/preventative maintenance as well. We are seeking to raise $1,200.00 and hoping to get the van in the shop by August 1st 2014.  Contribute through our "Go Now" CSA Miles via PayPal or by mail.

Both our vehicles themselves have been graciously provided by supporters, participants in the Heatherlyn Music C.S.A [Community Suppported Artist]. We invite further participation to advance the movement of the music in this very tangible way of literally getting us moving down the road again. Thank you for your consideration!!

With Hope + Gratitude ~

Heatherlyn and Jason